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Stephanie was an absolute angel for me during my birth! My son came 6 weeks early and Stephanie was ready to be there for me the moment I let her know my water broke. She helped keep me calm with a calming massage, pressure therapy and even aromatherapy. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula!


Even over the phone, I could tell you are a very loving and motherly person. Very interested about me and my journey. That is exactly what I needed to get through labor and birth.


Stephanie is such a caring and thoughtful person to have with you through the whole process. I was definitely apprehensive trying for a VBAC with my second kiddo but she helped keep everything calm and her suggestions of how to move and handle labor were just what I needed! I am so thankful to have had her as part of my labor team.


Stephanie is all of the things you would look for in a doula. As a FTM planning a natural birth, I wanted to have a doula there to help guide me through my labor and I am so glad that I found Stephanie. From the very beginning she was so informative and helpful. During our prenatal visits she did a child birth education course with us and went over anything that we could possibly expect during labor. Once my labor actually began, she was there instantly. She set up our room to be peaceful and relaxing. She helped support me through contractions and pushed me to get into new positions every few contractions. She also made sure that my husband was a big part of the experience and stepped back when he stepped in. They were an amazing team. From start to finish we are so thankful to have Stephanie be a part of the whole experience. I had the natural water birth that I always envisioned for myself, and I really don’t know if I could have done it without her. And to top it all off, Stephanie took pictures for us through the whole process that we will be able to look back on and cherish forever. I couldn’t recommend Stephanie more if you’re looking for a doula!


We loved working with Stephanie! She is so knowledgeable! We were planning a home birth after a C section so there was a lot to learn and process. Stephanie did an amazing job checking on us and making sure we had all our questions answered. She was also really encouraging when we went past our due date. During the labor and delivery she gently gave very helpful suggestions and took wonderful pictures of our birth!


Wonderful support, great value, amazing experience. Could not have done it without out you 🙂


Stephanie was amazing through the whole process and really shined during labor. She made us feel very comfortable and definitely helped ease the nerves and pain! Even when things had to change from our birth plan, she encouraged us to take a minute to discuss our options while providing us on the spot education for things we didn’t plan for. Even after the birth Stephanie continued to show love and support with occasional check-ins.


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